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Scheme of Delegation

Delegation to Local Governing Bodies


Trustees will delegate all operational functions as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation to the existing and effective Board of Governors. Directors will receive at least annual reports from the Board of Governors on financial performance, educational performance, personnel issues, admissions to Year 7 and 6th Form, Estates development and Health & Safety.


Directors will delegate all operational functions as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation but will receive at least termly reports from the Board of Governors on Financial Performance, Educational Performance, Personnel, Admissions, Estates Development and Health & Safety.

Scheme of Delegation incorporating
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and North Cestrian School - summary


The scheme has been developed to clarify the responsibilities and process of the Board of Directors, Governors (Local Governing Bodies) and members of staff employed at the schools in respect of key aspects of the management of the School and to ensure compliance with legal requirements where appropriate. The delegations set out in the detailed Scheme are to the Board of Directors, the Local Governing Body, a committee of the LGB or an individual governor, Executive Head, Head teacher or Finance Officer.

The key powers to be exercised by Members:

  • to hold Directors to account for financial performance via the annual accounts
  • to review and amend the articles of the MAT
  • to appoint at least 6 Directors of the Board

The key powers to be exercised only by the MAT Board of Directors:

  • change the constitution of a Local Governing Body
  • apply to change the governing documents of the MAT
  • delegate functions to others (e.g. to a Local Governing Body, an individual or a committee)
  • appoint auditors
  • appoint the Chief Finance Officer, Responsible Officer and Clerk to the MAT
  • co-opt up to two Directors onto the Board
  • co-opt persons on to a local governing body
  • suspend governors from a local governing body.

The MAT Board also:

  • conducts the performance management review of the Executive Head and has a representation on the PM committee of other Heads in the MAT
  • appoints the Executive Head and Chief Finance Operations Officer
  • ratifies central policies followed by all schools
  • approves the consolidated budget
  • approves the Annual Report and Accounts
  • [decides on any changes to the times of school sessions and dates of terms and holidays.]

The detailed scheme of delegation will be reviewed at the first meeting of the MAT Board of Directors in each academic year and the Board may make changes to the powers and duties of the Local Governing Bodies if it feels this is required.


  • Members will meet at least once each academic year
  • the Board of Directors will meet at least once every term
  • [Local Governing Bodies will meet at least once every half-term]
  • [Committees will meet at least once every term and report to their LGB at the second LGB meeting of each term]
  • [There will be an annual meeting of all relevant parties (Members, Directors, LGB). This will be a joint meeting to review the year, for training, and as a social gathering.]


  • The Trust will continue to benefit from membership of FASNA (Freedom and Autonomy for Schools) and the regular newsletters, courses and conferences for Governors and Heads.
  • The trust has and will maintain its service level agreement with Trafford Governor Services. This will be especially beneficial for Governors at North Cestrian School as they join the state sector.